Malmö Game Week
AUGUST 29-30 2020

Throne of Eldraine Prerelease

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Malmö Kortspelsförening and Playoteket fills Malmömässan with card game players! Come and play the prerelease of Magic the Gatherings latest set, "Throne of Eldraine", which is based on folk lore and fairy tales.

Every player gets a prerelease pack (containing 6 booster packs). Basic lands are provided by the store. You build a 40 card deck out of these packs and then the fight for glory begins!

To celebrate our biggest prerelease ever and our participation at Malmö Game Week, 3 additional displays of boosters will be provided by Malmö Kortspelsförening. Your chance to win a lot of boosters in prices has never been greater! 

We are also happy to announce that UltraPro are sponsoring our tournaments with a lot of extra prizes! Preregister now and place in the top 16 bracket get this chance to win beautiful Eclipse sleeves, limited edition deckboxes, premium binders, and more!

You can pre-register at any Playoteket store. We have 64 prerelease packs avalible and they will run out, so pre-register early to secure a spot.


When: Sunday, the 29:th of September
Where: Malmömässan, Mässgatan 6, Malmö
Registration: 10:00 - 10:30 am
Cost: 259 SEK
Format: Sealed Deck
Prizes: Boosters (extra boosters provided by Malmö Kortspelsförening)


Extra prizes can be awarded because we have a lot of members at Malmö Kortspelsförening. If you want to support us so we can continue these fun events, please sign up for membership at Malmö Kortspelsförening.

It costs 50:- per year and you can pay by Swish:

Sign-up for membership:   (if you are up to 25 years old)  (if you are 26 or older)

The event is hosted by Malmö Kortspelsförening in collaboration with PlayoteketSpelens husSverok Skåne and Studiefrämjandet Musik/Kultur Malmö.

Arranged by:

Malmö Kortspelsförening

Malmö Kortspelsförening is a non-profit organization for people who have a passion for collectible card games.

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