Malmö Game Week
AUGUST 29-30 2020

Swedish Board Games Championship

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We welcome you to participate in the Swedish Board Games Championship. There are two categories, Family Games and Advanced.
This championship is for those who play board games today but who want to meet other participants than you normally play with or against. During the competition you get the opportunity to measure your skill in different types of board games and have fun!

During the SM in board games 2019 you will play in one or both categories:
Family games: 7 Wonders, King of Tokyo, KLASK and Ticket to ride London
Advanced: Sheriff of Nottingham, Terraforming Mars, Brass Birmingham and Flame Rouge

The family game competition can be played from Friday to Saturday in an open competition where you choose your own pace and opponents. Advanced is only on Saturday with Check-in and breakfast 09:00 and award ceremony 22:00. You can also play free board games on both Friday and Saturday. This with the help of Malmö Board Games Association (Malmö brädspelsförening). You can compete in both Family Games and Advanced (if you have the time).

Swedish Registration:
English Registration (in Social security, add 10 "0"s):

Sverok has sanctioned this SM. The plan is that the SM will be held in Malmö 2019 during an evaluation phase, then other associations will have the opportunity to apply to Sverok to keep the SM in board games. 
Participating cost in the SM for board games in 2019 is SEK 50 for participating in Advanced, playing freely of all the games we bring and in the categories Family games is free of charge.

To be announced.

Category - Family Games
In this category you get a score card with the 4 different games, you decide which ones you play against and when, as long as it is against other competitors and during the weekend the competition is held. You get points depending on your position in each game that you note in the score card.

Category - Advanced
In this category, all participants will play according to a deferred schedule, players will go through the game in groups of 4 people, the goal is that you play against players in the same "rank" as you and that you do not meet the same opponent twice.

Purpose of Swedish Championship
The reason why a Swedish championship should be held is to expand the general awareness of board games and their various forms. Therefore, the four (4) uniquely selected board games should represent both popular, topical and participatory board games. The SM in board games is also designed to give the participants an opportunity for competitive opponents with knowledge of the board game. The competition should feel rewarding, fun and give a sense of playing more board games and wanting to return to the Swedish board games. The games are different from year to year.

All participants are expected to have good knowledge of the rules in the four (4) unique board games that have been advertised. In case of rules / interpretation, a judge must be called. Each game party should receive information when it is 30 minutes left and then another when it is 15 minutes left of the party time. When the time is up, the game party must be completed and the score count is completed, all game parties start at certain times with the exclamation of: "Start!". At certain games it is a recommendation that there is a chess clock that prevents conscious "slowplay". The reason for choosing four participants in each game lot is because the majority of board games are played on more participants than three.


Will we play with expansions?

Is it the same game every year?
No, we have different board games from year to year.

Will there be prizes?
Yes, there will be!

Is there not already an SM in board games?
Every year different SMs are arranged in different board games, this SM is officially for the actual game form: board games and supported by Sverok.

I thought board games were about having fun, not competing in bloody seriousness?
We want everyone who participates to have fun while being able to do something different. In 2019 we evaluate the form "Board Games SM" and we welcome feedback. The advantage of an SM is that it gets attention and that we can attract new participants to our hobby.

What are the points distributed in the games?
It is 3-2-1-0, the winner of the game gets 3 points and the loser gets 0 points.

When is the deadline for registration?
September 20th, then you are on a reserve list.
There is always room for family players and free board players.

What is the difference between Europa Masters and SM in board games?
Europa Masters is a team competition that you qualify for in Stockholm, for example, it is not a board game in itself. Europa Masters does not play the same type of games we select.

What set-up is it for the games?
This is coming soon.


This event is made possible by funds from Malmö stad and donations from: Spelens hus, Playoteket, Asmodee Nordics.

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