Malmö Game Week
AUGUST 29-30 2020

MEGA-video games and VR

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As part of Malmö Game Week and Malmö LAN returns in 2019. Three days filled with LAN, BYOC tournaments, E-sports, tabletop and, of course, video games and VR with MEGA!

MEGA is an association that has been a meeting place since 2003 for anyone who loves video games. We hold our activities at Spelens hus in Malmö on a regular basis - and now we’re looking forward to seeing you at Malmömässan!

We'll be available for all the MalmöLAN visitors who want to play fun party games with their friends, beat a high score or maybe just need a break to relax from the competitive esports.
Retro consoles? Playstation? VR? Dancing games? We have it all!

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